Children Day Centre

If you wish to know more about what support is available for a ​child or young person with additional needs,

please contact us on 01282 270269

Our Day Centre service is for children with disability that have mental ​or physical impairment, which has substantial adverse affect on their ​ability to perform normal day to day activities.

Day Centre support families because they help children and young people to:

• take part in fun and enriching activities

• develop their confidence

• spend time with friends and make new ones

• take part in activities in a safe and supported environment

• achieve personal goals and learn new skills

• get active and stay healthy

If you require care

for yourself or a family ​member, then contact

us for free advice and ​assessment on

01282 270269

Day Centre support you as parents and carers to:

• feel better able to manage caring responsibilities

/improve your emotional wellbeing

• provide time to spend with your other children

• give you the opportunity to complete other tasks

you may not otherwise have time to or just to recharge

• have trust that your child is safe and being well

supported by suitably trained staff

• help you to achieve personal goals and learn new skills

• allow the opportunity for you to meet other families that share similar ​experiences create opportunities for your child to enjoy new experiences and ​friendships

Eligibility for Day Centre and how to apply;

Contact - Lancashire County Council

Tel: 0800 123 6720


Festive fun at our Children Day Centre as we had a very special guest join us!

Santa Claus brought lots of joy and smiles on the faces of our Children and Staff at the Day Centre.